Aloe Vera Veterinary Spray


473 ml of wonderful Aloe Vera Veterinary Formula Spray.
Bottle comes with trigger spray nozzle for application and direction.
Great for cleaning wounds and soothing injuries.

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The Aloe Veterinary Formula Veterinary Spray is a smashing “go to” product.  Because it is a fluid, its great for spraying on sore patches within the hair without shaving them down, or to clean a wound, or to soothe itchy paws from allergies and nibbling.

During the summer when grass seeds can be a huge problem, particularly for dogs with longer coats, the Aloe Veterinary Formula can be sprayed on to paws and between the toes to help tease out those pesky seeds and to soothe any pollen irritation under the paw, between the toes or at the nail bed.

As my guys have a short coat, we don’t struggle quite so much with this.  For us, our main use comes in the winter time after we’ve been out on muddy walks, walks through woodland where there is a suggestion of Alabama Rot risk, or walks on pavements that may have been salt treated because of ice.  When we return home, a quick wash of the feet, towel dry and a squirt of Aloe Vera spray to the paws and up the legs not only soothes any irritation but also helps reduce any fungal build up which I’m sure we all recognise as “Popcorn Paws” or “Frito Feet” when they emanate that savoury odour!


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