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Single use Ice Pack by Kool Pak – designed for cold therapy.  Quickly relieves pain and swelling.  Ideal to treat every day bumps, bruises, headaches and burns.  Great for treating a wide range of soft tissue injuries.

To activate: Although the product advocates twisting the packet, I found this very difficult to action.  Therefore, my recommendation would be to step on the ice pack applying pressure with your heel until you feel the internal sachet burst.  The ice pack will immediately start to become cold.  If you do not feel a definite “icy cold” feeling, then you have not ruptured the internal sachet and must press harder.

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Our instant Ice Pack is the perfect addition to your first aid kit.  Light and useful for breaks, strains, sprains, swelling, burns and even slowing down bleeds.  Activated simply by twisting the bag to break the sachet inside and bingo! Instant Ice Pack without the need for a freezer.  A wonderful addition to your first aid it in any event but especially for those who enjoy dynamic activities with their dog such as agility and flyball.  Great for treating yourself or your canine companion.

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