ADMINISTERING EYE DROPS (teaching the behaviour)

ADMINISTERING EYE DROPS (teaching the behaviour)

When a dog is sick and needs medication, it can be quite a struggle (frustrating for you and frightening for them).  Any husbandry behaviours you can teach BEFORE you actually need them are always going to be a real help.  Today, we looked at how to introduce your dog to eye drops.  The session we did was Coda’s very first session but we  have done a lot of husbandry techniques before and he is very well versed already in  how the clicker works, which makes things much quicker for us.  This is not something I would rush when you teach your dog.  Take lots of time, short sessions, high value treats and bucket loads of praise.  Only move on to the next session once you are confident that your dog is happy with what he has learnt so far.

The more you can teach when he is well, the less likely it is that he will have a melt down if you have to administer eye drops (or ear drops) for real.

Here’s how we got on with baby Coda … just 22 weeks of age when we filmed this.

Administering Eye Drops

Well done little man, you are turning into a real demonstration pro xx