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After our canine first aid courses, we often have students contacting us to tell us when they’ve had to use their skills.  We LOVE hearing how well you’ve all done so we decided to put a page up where you could add your stories to our website to show everybody just what you’ve learned and hopefully to give others the confidence to tackle their own emergencies using the skills we’ve taught them.

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    Irene Ford

    Please please don’t ever think it will never happen to me with dogs and balls

    Louise Hart

    Another perfect example of how the simplest of actions can make all the difference in the world. Shock IS a killer and recognising it is so very important. Buster is very lucky to have you.


    I was walking my two Ridgeback males along a beach who were only 18 weeks old at the time and both were on leads as they hadn’t quite grasped the leave command.

    Nicola J Wilkinson

    Yesterday, one of our past students got in touch to share her recent experience with me and she has kindly said I can share it with you all too. I just want to say a massive WELL DONE to Nicola for keeping calm and giving this dog and owner a lifeline to cling to when they must have been so incredibly frightened.

    Irene Ford near Southg Cerney

    The following story comes from one of our Scottish followers, Irene, who was called upon to use her knowledge just 5 days after she attended one of our courses on the 2013 Autumn tour.

    Is doggy first aid worth it?

    Click the image to read Sox’s story. This is one to read, Toni is an absolute LEGEND for doing what she did in what must have been a very scary situation indeed. Hat’s off to one hell of a groomer!

    Paula Downs

    Click the image to read Columbo story. Columbo likes to dig, and on Thursday he dug up a bit of lethal looking glass that cut his snout.