Irene Ford near Southg Cerney

Irene Ford near Southg Cerney

“Well less than a week since I renewed my canine first aid course and treatment for shock possibly saved Gems life. She got trodden on by our German Shepherds but she was chasing them and trying to bite their legs.  She got squashed and screamed like a stuck pig. I checked her over she seemed fine and let her get on with it, 5 mins later she is shivering so put Shepherds away and checked her over. Now she is sore along her rib cage. So I put her coat on and wrap her up. Check her gums: very white not looking good belly very tender.

I panic and get her on my lap, raising her hind quarters while I panic to get an out of hrs vet – in a strange place miles and miles from home, all the while of course thinking the worst that its internal bleeding or a punctured lung.  Drive all way to vets her on her back on the passenger seat, me holding her at an angle.  By the time we get to vets she is roasting, her gums bright and pink and she is as bright as a button.

But some air somewhere in her inside – no puncture mark visuable so it’s a X-Ray which shows all is well. Vets says well done treating shock so effectively here have a few pain killers and that will be £150 thanks.

She is bouncing off the walls bullying a rottie this morning but quicker at getting out the way still cheeky but more cautious. I couldn’t have lived with myself if she slipped away during night incase I missed internal bleeding. She did have small pocket of air on her rib cage so could have been a punctured lung. Xray never explained where air was coming from couldn’t find a puncture wound to explain air getting in. But it did rule out broken ribs and punctured lung. So yes she would have been fine I have dog pain killers from my old girl, I checked with the vet and confirmed the dose was fine.  I had given it to her earlier hoping it was just bruising.

A dog so small, shock could have killed her very fast.  It was amazing how much colour she had when I got to the vets – an interesting drive, but managed to keep her wrapped up in vet bedding her coat on and at an angle all the way.

It’s all stuff in theory I already know, but in a situation like that it’s easy to forget vital things, why it’s so important to keep on getting refreshers.

Thanks you so much, regardless she would have been at vets but I might not have remember everything like raising her hind end. It’s the shock that could have killed her without a doubt her gums where pure white, dry and she was freezing”


Im thrilled that Irene did so well, kept her cool and got a super outcome for Gem.  If you feel that you would like to add your story too, we’d love to hear from you.  Please add your experience to the comments section below and we’ll transfer it over to the main pages.