Paula Downs

Paula Downs

The following story came in from one of our students and follower of our Rhodes 2 Safety Facebook page, Paula Downs.

Paula wrote: “Columbo likes to dig, and on Thursday he dug up a bit of lethal looking glass that cut his snout.  The cut is about 3cm long and probably ab…out a cm deep. There was blood… Lots!

Now, I’m a panic merchant. In the past, we’d have been at the vets before you could say “car keys”. But, I applied pressure, stopped the bleeding, cleaned it and decided to wait and see what happened.  I wondered if it needed stitches but I knew we’d be at the vet with our other dog Gucci the next day and again the day after, so wasn’t panicking.
Ive been checking it, making sure it’s clean etc and it’s healing already.  I do wonder whether I should possibly have got it checked in case it did need stitches, but your course certainly gave me the confidence to not panic and assess it calmly and treat it myself.

I know it’s not life saving or anything, but I felt good that I coped and didn’t rush to the vet……. So, thank you”

Rhodes 2 Safety wrote “That’s brilliant Paula!  Having the confidence is what it’s all about – and the wound recognition part of the course is all about assessing a wound using SEEP (sit, elevate, examine, pressure) which you did perfectly and which did the job to a tee.

Knowing to watch, evaluate and decide if and when to seek professional help is the absolute aim of the course and it sounds like you got it 100% right!  Good for you – and thank you very much for sharing.”