Brilliant Christmas Present!

Brilliant Christmas Present!

Brilliant Christmas Present idea right here!!!
T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse …….

well, nothing that is apart from a very naughty Labrador puppy called Paddy!!!!

Axl’s book is not JUST a first aid manual.  It is, in fact, a collection of entertaining stories AND also sections with straight-forward first aid information in too.

The latest stock from the printers has just arrived and are on sale at £10  +p&p (rrp £15.00 +p&p).  They would make ideal Christmas presents for the doggy person in your life and to make them even more special, I’m happy to sign and dedicate them to whoever you want for a donation to M&NRR Rescue and Support Trust.

Here’s an extra from the Christmas tale to wet your appetite …..

“You may remember before that I mentioned the short-person’s first ever dog, Paddy.  He was a real monkey apparently right from the word go, and his first serious scrape came very early on in his career at just 6 months of age – Christmas morning, 1983.

The whole of the short-person’s family were asleep in the early hours of Christmas morning when Paddy the puppy woke up.  He slept on the short-person’s bed every night and was idolised from the moment he arrived.  Being a Labrador, Paddy was ruled convincingly by his stomach.  The short-person used to joke that if it wasn’t nailed down, Paddy would have a go at eating it.  That morning, our naughty puppy protagonist awoke.  Bored and hungry, he took himself off for some general investigation and soon found himself at the living room door.

He had learned very early on that if he took a bit of a run up and head-butted the door at a strategic point it would open for him, so with one swift “thud” he was into the living room.  What an Aladdin’s cave awaited him!  Santa had been and delivered all the presents for the short-person and her brother, heaped up in two separate piles, one for him and one for her.  Then, under the twinkling Christmas tree lay the presents from her grandmother; four 3 lb boxes of chocolate covered Brazil nuts – one box for each member of the family.  Quick as a flash and with the claws of a Swiss army knife, Paddy removed the cellophane wrappers on each box in turn and was straight in.

He made so much noise that the short-person was soon awake and followed the open door and trail of destruction into the living room.  She couldn’t believe her eyes.  The greedy pup had scoffed the lot!  Not just the chocolates but the trays on which they lay and the boxes they were in as well – all 12 lb of them.  The fat little furball was to be found lying flat out on the carpet like a swollen bellied sheepskin hearth rug, sporting a subtle shade of chocolate brown lipstick.

This was not good, not good at all.  Chocolate is notoriously toxic for dogs and, at the tender age of just 6 months, Paddy had consumed more than enough to floor an elephant, so the short-person started to panic.  She knew of the dangers even back then and quickly ran to her parent’s room to wake them and explain what had happened.  Her mother ‘phoned the emergency vet who I imagine was absolutely delighted to be called at 5 o’clock on a Christmas morning.”

……. so you want to know what happened next, right?


Rhodes 2 Recovery … doggy style!
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