Blue Green Algae Confirmation

Blue Green Algae Confirmation

Just to let you know, if you walk your dogs in/around Welton Waters near Brough, East Yorkshire, that there has been confirmation of a serious Blue Green Algae bloom in the lake by the Welton Waters Activity Centre.

Blue Green Algae bloom - Welton Waters, East Yorkshire
Blue Green Algae bloom – Welton Waters, East Yorkshire

I have personally spoken to the Environment Agency who have sent a guy down to test the water and the sample has been sent for analysis and confirmed to be this lethal algae.  The levels are so high it has been classed as a serious public safety issue so please KEEP YOUR DOGS OUT OF THE WATER at Welton Waters until this has been given the all clear.

I went to check up on it yesterday and it is still there (4/9/2015)

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