FAO: Scottish Canine First Aid Tour – (courses further into the year are being reviewed as time goes on and may be amended accordingly)

As we have now all been instructed to minimise travel and distance ourselves as much as possible, until everything sorts itself out, we have had no option but to alter the way in which we will be delivering our courses. Yes, we will no longer be able to get together IN PERSON at the venues we had planned BUT we are still going ahead with our teaching sessions, at the same time, on the same day that you have booked. Certificates and course notes will be posted to you after the event to keep your CPD requirements up to date.

To get around the problem of social isolation, we are switching our sessions to teaching remotely, via a live webinar link, directly to you in your own home. Everything will be pretty much the same as it would if I were with you in person – but you’ll be able to do the course in your PJs with no bra or makeup this time if the fancy takes you!!!! (fellas, that includes you too). 

So what to you need to do to access the training via webinar? Well, you will receive an email (to the email address you quoted when you booked your place). That email will have the joining link you need to access the training and it’s SIMPLE I promise.

If you are going to watch the course on a PC or a laptop, then clicking the link will take you straight into the meeting.

If you are going to watch via a tablet or other mobile device, then you will need to make sure you have already downloaded the 8×8 Video Meetings app to your phone or tablet. Then, at the time of the meeting, just click the joining link in your email to connect straight through.

The sessions will be open to join 15 MINUTES before it is due to start to enable everybody to get to grips with the tech so we can still start on time. If you have any questions, please do give me a text on 07946 208817.

Webinar joining emails will be sent out over the next few days or, if you are only just booking now, you will receive an email a day or so after you book.