My darling Rain-Bob developed a teeny lump at the end of May.  As it was lockdown for the Corona Virus at the time, I showed the photograph to my vet who advised just to keep a close eye on it, since it wasn’t “life-threatening”.  This we did but, as the social distancing requirements dragged, the pea sized lump grew … and grew … and grew and then, by the end of August, it had a super speedy growth spurt and I really didn’t feel that I could leave things any longer.  This was the progression in size – v – timeline

Early June 2020
3rd July 2020
6th September, 2020


This morning, we had an appointment with the vet and immediately on checking the lump, arrangements were made for him to be admitted the following week for removal.  We don’t know, at the time of writing, what the lump is.  We DO know it is NOT a bursa/hygroma (a sac that forms around bony areas if subjected to trauma or repeated weight such as lying on hard ground).  This lump is attached higher up and all the way from the elbow and along the shoulder muscle.  It could just be a fatty lump … but until surgery is done, we just won’t know.

What we do know is that after surgery he is going to be very interested in the wound area and his stitches and the last thing I want is for him to start nibbling or licking the area, making it sore or infected.  Now many moons ago, I saw an ingenious little hack for covering this part of the body and the foreleg.  While I didn’t need the tip at the time, I knew it was something that might well come in handy in the future, so I squirrelled it away and this morning, operation “Leg Wound Covering” was put into motion.  Sadly I have no idea who came up with this brilliant top tip to credit them but I really can’t thank them enough … whoever they are.

I have to say, this covering was both DEAD EASY to make and DEAD QUICK too!  All you need is one long sock (something like a football sock is perfect), and a pair of scissors.  Simply cut a straight line from about half an inch from the tip of the toe (right along the top edge) all the way along the length of the foot and a few inches up the calf.  Then, make another cut the length of the sole of the foot.  Hey presto, you’re done!  Here’s the diagram I copied:-

DIY leg covering

And here’s our little go:

Rain in his soccer sock
Not a Happy Camper … but it works!


So there we are.  Surgery is planned for a week today and hopefully we will have a happy ending and a quick recovery without any licking or nibbling of the wound.  Please keep your fingers crossed for my darling boy and send lots of positive healing vibes.

Stay safe ……. Kerry & Rain xx