Dangerous Household Objects

Dangerous Household Objects

Dangerous Innocuous Household Objects

As I write this, it’s 28th December.  Christmas has passed … New Year is not yet here, and we are in that “tinsel-limbo” period when nobody really seems to know what day it is (and for some reason it seems perfectly normal to breakfast on things like Bailey’s and a Selection box!)

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At this time, we often let our guard down, take our eye off the ball and find Rover getting into all kinds of scrapes. The seemingly most innocent of things can cause problems.  Did you leave wax candles out on the side?  If they smell nice, your dog might fancy an impromptu snack.  Maybe the kids have left their colouring crayons out – you just know they’re going to be irresistible!  What about that new handbag or pair of boots you bought?  Did you remember to take out the Silica Gel sachet that comes in side them to keep them dry and fresh??  What did you use to hold up the decorations?  Was it Blu-Tac?  Has any of it fallen off????

All of these things and more besides can really put a crimp on your fabulous Christmas so please have a read of this great little article to remind you about the “ordinary” things in your home that might cause the little monkey trouble if he nabs them when you aren’t looking.

Dangerous Household Items