Eating Mud

Eating Mud

“Mmmm Nom Nom …. filthy disgusting mud in our teeth … how lovely!”   Rain and Dice know how to live it up.

At this time of year (Nov/Dec) my dogs ALWAYS go through a period of wanting to eat mud.  They run to various patches, licking and scraping at the surface with their bottom teeth and seeming to savour every single moment of it on their lips.  Why on earth do they do this?  Is it the minerals within it?  Perhaps at this time of year they find extra nutrition or phosphates or some natural mineral that they just can’t resist – a kind of “self-medication” if you will?  Could it be something to do with the fact that the sheep have been there over the summer and now, having been moved on for the winter, they’ve left a more tasty environment behind? Or, perhaps, it’s actually down to antidepressants!!!! I know, you think Im crazy don’t you but, according to this article, that could well be the case.
Click here to read the article on soil and antidepressants:


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    Interesting! My dog often eats the soil in the garden and the fresh compost when I’m potting (or trying to) seems to be a particular treat. I haven’t noticed it occurring only at a particular time of year though.

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