Excellence Award for 2020

Excellence Award for 2020

WOW! Rhodes 2 Safety does it again!

Since 2016, Rhodes 2 Safety has been up in the ribbons every single year for the training we deliver and we are thrilled to say that, once again, we have been crowned as the Leading Specialists in Canine First Aid Training 2020 – UK, in the Global Excellence Awards.

I’m sure sooner or later there may be another “pretender to the throne” … but until that time, we are delighted to have maintained our reputation and standards, particularly in such shocking circumstances that this year has brought.

Thank you to each and every one of our supporters, followers and clients without whom we simply couldn’t do what we love.

On behalf of Rain, Dice, (Chi & Axl at the Bridge) Mike, Tyler and myself … stay safe & thank you.

Roll on 2021! xx