Foods dangerous for CATS

Foods dangerous for CATS

Dangerous Foods for Cats & Dogs
It’s great when I get to chat with other professionals in a similar field to mine and so I was delighted to receive a message today from Emily at Catological.  I often post about foods and plants that are dangerous for dogs and a lot of these apply to cats too.  Conversely, a lot of foods you’ll find on a list for cats apply to our dogs too and, even if they don’t, I know an awful lot of you have feline furries as well in your home so I thought this link to Emily’s site and the information in it was definitely worth a share.

toxic foods


Just click on the link below to read the full article (not just look at the pretty graphic!!!) to find foods to avoid, foods that are “iffy” and plants that you should definitely take a serious look at if you have them in your home or in your garden.  There are also explanations in the article as to WHY these things may pose a problem so please do have a read and keep those fur-faces safe.

Catological – Dangerous Foods & Plants


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