Human CPR Technique:

As you may have seen, due to the knock on effect of the Corona Virus, all of our physical first aid courses have been either cancelled, postponed or altered to being delivered as a Webinar Live Platform course.  All of our courses will be just as good as being with you in person, with the added bonus that you’ll have your own dog with you during the session so the things we are talking about will make even more sense to you – for things like finding the pulse or checking the gums, you’ll have your own “Fido” at your disposal!

Because we needed to be sure that our on-line courses would work just as well and that the tech we had lined up was going to be up to the job, we ran a HUMAN CPR demonstration with a few of our followers watching in real-time as our Guinea Pigs prior to launch of the sessions.  Because this session went so well and with lots of life-saving information within it, it seemed a waste just to delete the footage so below you’ll find a link to that session.  Obviously, there is the odd bit of tech manipulation and giggles from the audience, but essentially, it’s everything you need to know about performing CPR on a Human.

If, having watched this, you fancy doing one of our Canine First Aid Courses, you can of course book one through the events tab at the top of the page.

Here’s the link to the session.

Rhodes 2 Safety Human CPR Protocol