Canine Quiz – Q1

Canine Quiz – Q1

This week is Quiz Week – I did this a few months ago and it went down very well so thought we’d have another go at it this week. Ill pop a question each day for you to think about and the following day will put up the appropriate answers.

Today’s Rhodes 2 Safety Q1 is:-

You are just back from your usual walk with your dog and you notice that he appears to be limping. Suggest 4 things that could be responsible for his limp.


There were many possible answers to this, and we were looking for 4 of them.  Always start with the possibilities that are both most likely and least complicated and then work your way backwards until you find out what the problem is.  My order of checking for such a situation would be:-

1) Foreign body in the paw/toes ie glass, grass seed, thorn, stone, sticky bud etc.
2) Cut pad
3) Broken or snagged nail/dew claw
4) Strained/Sprained/Dislocated toe
5) Strained/Sprained ankle
6) Strained/Sprained knee/elbow – cruiciate ligament
7) Fracture to the limb
8) Dislocation of the hip/shoulder
9) Trapped nerve

From the answers I saw people give, I think most of you got at least 3 but some went for some pretty serious possibilities too so please try to remember not to panic and check out the most likely/less complicated possibilities first.