Canine Quiz – Q2

Canine Quiz – Q2


Today’s Question is:-

It’s February. Your dog gets into difficulty in the water. He manages to pull himself onto the bank but then seems unresponsive. What do you do?

Im looking for at least 5 actions you would take in this situation.

* For small breed dogs, hold him upside down just above the hocks and allow any water to drain from his lungs for about 30 seconds.

* For a large breed dog, lay him head first down the bank and hold his back end off the ground by holding him just above the hocks and allow any water to drain from his lungs for about 30 secondds.

* Check his airway by extending the neck, tilting the head back, pulling the tongue forward and sweeping the mouth to remove any debris which has been brought up with the drained water.

* Check his breathing and circulation – Perform Artificial Respiration if he is not breathing – Perform CPR if he is not breathing and has no pulse either.

* Dry him as much as possible, if necessary using your jumper, then wrap him in your jacket to keep him as warm as possible.  If you do not dry him before you wrap him in your jacket, he will be unable to retain any heat and is likely to develop hypothermia which could well prove fatal.

* Telephone your vet to let him know what has happened and that you are on your way.  Never just go straight to your vet’s office as you may find that your vet is on another call when you arrive.  By ringing ahead it gives the veterinary support staff the opportunity to alert one of their vets and have them ready and waiting for your arrival.

* Telephone somebody to come and pick you and your dog up if possible.  If there is nobody available to do so, carry your dog to your car if you can, and drive directly to the vet’s office, monitoring his breathing throughout the journey.

* If he shows signs of developing shock, you must roll up a jacket and place it under his back end to elevate his bottom and encourage the oxygenated blood flow to his brain.