Medic Alert Tags

Medic Alert Tags

I’m sure you’ve seen medic alert tag for humans, right?  When you have a history or illness that requires medication such as epilepsy or diabetes for example, the patient will often wear a bracelet or necklace with information on it about their condition so that if they are taken ill, a first aider or medic will know they require immediate attention and medication.

With that in mind, does your pet have an illness like this?  Perhaps he needs medication every day to “stay well” and without it, they’d be very poorly indeed.  Now imagine that your beloved dog (or cat) has gone missing – if found, it may take a while to get them back to you and all the while they’d be missing their vital medication.

It’s a good idea to order an extra tag for your dog’s collar which simply states something like “I need daily medication” and the telephone number of your vet.  Obviously, it goes without saying that your dog should be microchipped and that number along with your own contact details should already be attached to your dog’s collar, but having the extra security of your vet’s phone number and the need for daily medication on a separate tag can really make all the difference.

There are lots of different types of tags you can get, from the flat metal ones that simply slide onto a flat collar like these ones so there are no “dangly bits” to get snagged:-

Indigo Slide-On Tag
Indigo Slide-On Tag


To the ordinary circular disks or even shaped ones that simply hang from the D ring on their collar like these ones:-bone-shaped-tag


You can also get ones that are like tiny barrels that screw together encasing a role of paper with the information written on by hand like these:-



Whatever you choose, be sure you do choose something and clip it to your dog to keep him safe even if he does manage to Houdini himself off into the ether!

Just to give you a rough idea of price, I ordered a couple of the small circular tags for Rain who needs medication twice a day with “Epileptic Dog on Medication”, and the name, address and telephone number of our vet. WITH the engraving and postage costs, it was £2.9o for two of them … not much to pay for peace of mind when it comes to those we love 😉