Shop and Stock Up on Essentials

Shop and Stock Up on Essentials

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Rhodes 2 Safety caters for pretty much all of your canine first aid needs.

We do full First Aid Kits for just £12 – these have two zipped pockets inside, a sturdy handle on the top, belt loop on the back to carry “hands-free” on your walks and come in a fab wipe-clean compact packet.
Stuffed to the brim with dressings, wipes, silver blanket, tweezers, scissors, conforming bandage, saline solution, gloves, gauze and microporous tape – pretty much everything you might need in an emergency on-the-go

Axl’s book – Rhodes 2 Recovery … doggy style! – has now been sold in 11 countries, a thousand copies, and still the demand for his book is growing.  A brilliantly written, witty and informative book that not only entertains, but teaches you how to deal with emergency situations in a way you remember and probably didn’t even know you’d learned.  Each chapter has a “nuts and bolt” section at the end to refer to as a working manual, not just a story book 😉  A unique approach to teaching this complicated subject – £10 to our students or £15 to our followers who haven’t done our course.

Our Vet Wrap is the epitome of ESSENTIAL.  (Available in small £2 or large £3)
Never leave home without it … its a spare lead, its a muzzle, its a support bandage, its a pressure dressing, its a protective booty … its a gag for your annoying significant other!!! lol

Dog Buff is here!  £10 buys you an exceptional multipurpose bit of kit.  Manufactured by the well known outdoor company “Buff”, these canine buffs have stacks of uses: if it’s cold, they keep them warm, if it’s hot then soak in water and keep them cool around their necks, if they hate their ears flapping in the wind, wear as a snood to keep those flappers still, if you want to go out “hands-free”, use your buff as a lead by looping it through their collar then, when it’s time for them to go off investigating, Rover can carry his own “lead” buff, by wearing it around his neck.  If your dog has split his ear-tip and it just wont heal, then dog buff will keep those ears close to his head long enough for the healing to take place without constantly re-opening.  Most impressive of all is the fact that our buffs featuring a silver reflective strip can be seen in the dark reflected in car head lights for up to 492 feet away.

Our Thermometers are just the ticket – digital, no-nonsense, easy to use – £8.  If your dog is off-colour the first thing your vet does to ascertain if its serious is to take her temperature.  Easy to do and easy to put your mind at rest one way or another.  A dog’s temperature is hotter than ours …
101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (38.3 to 39.2 degrees Celsius)


Our Wound Dressings are of exactly the same high HSE standard as those you’d use for humans.  Sterile, single use and ready to go – medium £1.50 or large £2.00

Our innovative Memory Key Rings are essentially al of the most important parts of the Emergency Canine First Aid Course condensed down to a key ring that could save the life of your best furry friend – £5 and ready to got in your first aid kit, your keys or just in your pocket

Everybody needs a good Tickpicker right? This £3 gadget comes with full instructions and cleansing wipe.  Perfect for the tiniest of ticks.  Easy to use and a lot less fiddly than most on the market.

The answer to your split ears or tails is our Liquid Skin – £6 for two tubes.  Sealed for freshness, each single-use tube is big enough for most first aid jobs, but small enough not to waste when the job is done.  This superglue DOES NOT stick with an exothermic reaction so you can be confident that the surrounding tissues of the wound will not be burnt as it sticks.

Perfect for flushing wounds and eyes, our Saline Solution (£1 each or £2 for 3) is sterile and ready to go.  Simply twist off the top to open (no scissors necessary), then aim into either the wound or the eye to gently flush out dirt or debris, safe in the knowledge that you are using sterile antibacterial solution that wont sting.

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