Winter falls, trips, sprains and strains

Winter falls, trips, sprains and strains

Canine Tip of the Day: Sprains & Fractures due to slips on ice

The UK is experiencing some pretty icy winter weather at the moment so it has been suggested that I pop a post up re falls and slips:-

If either YOU or YOUR DOG has a slip or fall on the ice, your word of the day to remember is RICE:

R = rest – rest the limb and take the weight off ASAP
I = ice – use ice or cold compress to minimise swelling
C = compression – apply a firm (but not too tight) bandage to minimise swelling
E = elevate – raise the limb on a cushion

If you use a pack of frozen peas etc on dog or human, make sure to avoid a freezer burn on the skin by wrapping it in a tea towel or something to protect it.

Don’t forget to check the limb higher up from the sore bit – as it might be that the limb is damaged in another place too but that pain is being masked by the more pressing injury ie if the ankle is hurt, check the knee and shoulder/hip too.

bear ice

If there are ANY signs or possibility AT ALL that the limb could be fractured (severe swelling, excessive heat, lack of pulse beyond the injury, bone sticking out, abnormal shape to the limb, shortening of the limb) take the dog to the VET for urgent attention – and if YOU are the casualty, go straight to A&E for an x-ray pronto!

Remember to look out for signs of shock including pale gums, rapid heart beat and excessive panting/shallow breathing. Should you see any of these things, keep the dog warm, raise his whole back end up on a cushion and call the vet immediately.