This is one of the accompanying symptoms of Laryngeal Paralysis together with the breathing issues and hind end weakness. However, other things can cause acid reflux too such as food (quantities, type and ingredients) medication and other medical conditions. Antacid Medication such as Omeprazole (20mg daily for a dog the size of a Ridgeback) can be given during episodes of acid reflux, but this should be as advised by your vet to ensure correct drug and dosage.  Zantac was a preparation always used as a “go to” for acid reflux but it was withdrawn from sale in 2019 after fears it may contain a cancer-causing ingredient.

This was 6.20 this morning as I was woken by Axl having an episode of acid reflux which continued for around 45 minutes on and off.

Somebody asked me the other day what the signs of this are so I grabbed this video of him.

Usual signs include:
Lip licking/flicking
Leg licking
Wet drooly patches on carpet
Frantic ripping out of grass to eat to try to settle the stomach.

In this clip Axl is also snorting down his nostrils. This is a new thing since yesterday and I’m unsure if it’s connected perhaps if acid has aspirated down his nostrils, or if he has a cold as well. Vet appointment at 3.30 today. I’ll show him the video and see what he thinks.

Click here to see the video on YouTube:

Axl: Acid Reflux