Brushing Teeth – video blog

Brushing Teeth – video blog

Today’s tip of the day came off the back of a brilliant video I posted this week – it showed a fabulous little Jack Russell having his teeth brushed and it was cute beyond compare.  But that got me thinking.  Do you Need to clean your dog’s teeth?  Should you bother? Do some dogs need it more than others?  If you do, what should you use and how should you do it???

Lots of questions and the answers to which popped up into my head just as I was about to brush my gang’s teeth one day … this is my round about way of saying please excuse the fact that the video blog was done in my en suite bathroom, in front of a toilet, and looking like something the cat dragged in!! It was an impromptu, spur-of-the moment thing and perhaps a rather candid window into my usual life away from the screen and social media so, once again, apologies for the rather unorthodox appearance of the clip.

That said, the information IN the video is just as useful and informative whether I was sporting Rhodes 2 Safety logos … or the Guns n Roses one you caught me in! 😉

Ill pop the video blog below but here are a few links to the things I mention in the video just in case you want to check them out further or do a little more research for yourself:

Double-Headed Toothbrush:

Rubber-Bristle Fingerbrush:

Cotton & Silver Fingerbrush

Chicken Flavour Toothpaste



Here’s the video blog – brushing the teeth … “Smile please!”