Canine Lymphoma – a new report is out

Canine Lymphoma – a new report is out

Canine Lymphoma is one of the most common forms of cancer experienced by our canine companions – its very aggressive and has a poor prognosis.  Nothing strikes fear into our hearts quite like the word cancer.  Although treatments and therapies are getting better and cures and life expectancy are on the up, still our first reaction on hearing such a diagnosis is complete horror.

Often, the first indication that something is wrong is when the dog is brought to the vet because he has developed some hard lumps.  At this point, he is usually not showing any signs of illness other than these lumps which are typically not painful for him.  These lumps are, in fact, enlarged lymph nodes (the position of which can be seen on the illustration at the top of this page by ).  In most cases, it is preferred to treat the dog with a combination of chemo and radiotherapy.

With any luck and fingers crossed, we are hoping things could be about to change, as veterinary professionals look at tackling canine lymphoma on another level. have a monthly on-line magazine which covers all kinds of topics and this month they have published a new report which will tell you about lymphoma and how it can affect your dog as well as how vets are looking to use an old technique in a brand new way.  With such a frightening condition, its good to know as much as possible, particularly if you are going through this with your own dog.


Check out their report below


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