Diagnosing Skin Problems – Rhodes 2 Safety

Diagnosing Skin Problems – Rhodes 2 Safety

Sometimes, helping the vet with diagnosing skin problems can be quite a challenge.  Because there are lots of possible causes of skin infection, from trauma, to topical allergies, to food allergies, to bites, to autoimmune problems etc etc, it is a good idea to go through some questions yourself before your vet appointment so that if your vet asks, you already know the answers ie such questions as:-

* Is this the first time this condition has occurred?
* Are the ears or feet affected?
* Do any other animals in the house have similar symptoms?
* Do any people in the house have symptoms of skin disease?
* Have carpets been changed/treated with chemicals recently?
* Has different bedding/washing powder been used?
* Has his diet been changed?
* Is he bathed frequently & if so what are you using?
* Have you recently moved/walk in a new area?
* Are there any other symptoms apart from the skin ones?

The answer to these or a combination of answers could lead the way to a diagnosis. Do not neglect skin conditions in the belief that they are not serious. If left, a lengthy course of treatment may be required to put the problem right and the dog will suffer in the meantime.  If the skin problem is a manifestation of a more serious underlying cause, that taking notice of this early warning symptoms may in actual fact mean a world of difference to your dog.  Sometimes, an itch is just an itch, but sometimes …….


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