Head Shaking & Ear Mites

Head Shaking & Ear Mites

Head shaking and ear mites can affect any dog or cat.  You may notice that your dog is shaking his head or perhaps scratching a lot more than usual.  This could indicate several things including:-

ear mites,
foreign body in the ear,
an allergy,
an infection.

Ear mites:
Ear mites are common in puppies and spread easily within a litter. They irritate the lining of the ear canal, stimulating wax production and are just visible to the naked eye.

It is important to consult a vet who can prescribe insecticidal ear drops to eliminate ear mites.

All dogs and cats who have come into contact with the affected dog should be treated, since these mites can be easily transmitted to other animals.

Because mites can live outside the ear, insecticidal shampoos are also beneficial.