Ocular Compression for Fits

Ocular Compression for Fits

Ocular Compression is a technique hoped to help dogs with epilepsy. We have covered fits and epilepsy in a previous blog (here’s the link to it:- Fits & Seizures)

Many people try very hard to minimise the amount of drugs or chemicals they use with their dogs, be that in the form of vaccinations or medication.  If your dog has seizures fairly infrequently, you may prefer not to go down the medication route for him because, as is always the case with drug therapies, there may be side effects caused by the medication itself that are less than satisfactory.

Recently I came across something called Ocular Compression, a technique used to stimulate the vagus nerve.  This stimuli is used in an effort to “shut down” the random signals being sent to the brain during a seizure and it is thought that it could reduce the severity of the episode or possibly even inhibit the fit from taking place at all.

Such an approach could be used by itself for less severe cases or possibly side-by-side with medication for more acute conditions.  It is very much in its infancy and something really quite new so I will be looking into this technique further but it does look like something that could help our furry friends who suffer with such episodes.

Below is a link which will give you an overview of the technique itself and a better of understanding of just how it is proposed to work.  I hope you find it as interesting as I did.  If you do think this could benefit your dog, I would suggest speaking to your vet to ask his opinion and for guidance on how you might be able to administer this technique safely yourself.



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    I thought it wasn’t good to put hands around their mouth area when in a seizure?

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      It depends very much on the extent and violence of the seizure. All dogs are different and each seizure can be very different too. If you know it is safe, then applying ocular pressure can be a real benefit. If, however, doing so could lead to you getting bitten (some dogs do “chomp” and bite down when seizing, then this method would be too dangerous for you to attempt. That said, in some cases you can actually prevent a full blown fit from happening so, if you know the symptoms your dog displays prior to a fit and you start the compressions quickly enough, you might actually be able to keep it at bay altogether.

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