Which Fruits are Safe To Eat?

Which Fruits are Safe To Eat?

A lot of dog’s really do like the odd piece of fruit.  They enjoy a taste of something sweet from time to time, just as we do.  When it’s hot, feeding your dog some frozen fruit can be a really good way of cooling them down while giving them a tasty, low calorie treat too.  When they are teething as puppies, chewing on something like a piece of frozen carrot or broccoli can be very soothing indeed, but which fruits are OK and which could cause problems?

There is a world of difference between the word “safe” and the phrase “won’t cause any reactions”.  Simply put, just because a food stuff is “safe” doesn’t mean that your dog may not experience alteration in his bowel habit as a result (he may be windy or even “loose” – a little or A LOT) so if you are thinking of introducing fruit to their diet, then please do it gradually to prevent any digestive discomfort to Rover, or any unwanted “poopy presents” for you!

Strawberries Yes – if your dog shows signs of allergies, do not feed strawberries again as they are known to be allergenic in some dogs.
Raspberries Yes
Water Mellon Yes – though the rind could cause intestinal blockage if the dog doesn’t chew it well enough.  If in doubt, leave the rind out.  The seeds, should be fine provided there are only a few.  Again, everything in moderation so if you miss a couple when cutting the slice, don’t panic.
Apples Yes.  Many people quote that the seeds are dangerous. Well yes, they do contain trace elements of cyanide but the levels are incredibly low and in the same way as one would not expect an apple seed to kill a human, the odd seed or two, or apple core now and again won’t hurt your dog either.  As with anything, common sense should be applied and care taken that the dog doesn’t eat very many pips.
Bananas Yes – great squashed into a Kong and frozen
Oranges Yes
Raisins No – can cause kidney failure
Grapes No – can cause kidney failure
Cherries No – can cause cyanide toxicity if eaten in large quantities
Avocado No – can cause vomiting
Peaches Yes – provided you remove the pit which could otherwise become blocked in the digestive tract
Pineapple Yes – can also be good at dissuading coprophagia (eating poop).  Poop produced when an animal has been eating pineapple is a lot less appetising apparently!
Macadamia Nuts No – can cause a total paralysis reaction which may last for 24 hours, and may at worst, prevent the animal from breathing.
Kiwis Yes
Lemons Yes
Blue Berries Yes


When I originally posted on the Rhodes 2 Safety Facebook page about what fruit is good for your dog to eat, Jess Lessard a “Food Photographer” friend of mine from America sent me the link to some photos she took of her dog caught in the act (on purpose) for an article she was writing.

Just had to it with share with you:

If you would like to see more of Jess’s work, click here: http://www.jesslessardphotography.com/