Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged Prostate


An enlarged prostate is something that usually occurs in middle to older aged male dogs.  An enlarged prostate is the result of altered hormone levels and has many of the same symptoms as urinary obstruction due to blockages such as stones etc.

An internal examination by your vet will usually diagnose an enlarged prostate and further testing with x-ray or ultrasound will confirm the diagnosis and can give a good, but not 100% assurance that it is benign.

Treatment for this condition is monitored by the use of urine samples to detect blood or protein in the urine, together with repeat examinations.

The most effective treatment is castration, although in very old or sick animals where anaesthetic risk is high, hormone injections may be tried first.

Symptoms which may indicate prostate disease:

* Middle age or older male dogs
* Straining to pass urine
* Blood in the urine or blood droplets at the penis
* Lethargy
* Abdominal Pain
* Constipation

If you note any of these symptoms, please visit your vet for a thorough check up, just in case.