Urinary Obstruction

Urinary Obstruction

Symptoms of urinary obstruction – this is an emergency situation and should you feel that your dog is experiencing any/some of the following symptoms, please do not hesitate to ring your emergency vet and tell him you are on your way.  The symptoms we would associate with POSSIBLE urinary obstruction are:-

* Abdominal pain, agitation
* Shivering
* High Temperature
* Crying/Whimpering while trying to pee
* Depression
* Vomiting
* Disorientation and collapse
* Frequent straining to pass urine but only a few drops produced.
* Urine usually containing blood (may look rusty coloured).

Urinary obstruction is a condition most often seen in male dogs when a small urinary stone obstructs the urethra (the narrow tube which carries urine from the bladder to the outside).  It can, however, be associated with an enlarged prostate which is pressing on the urethra and making urination difficult.

As we have said, it is imperative that you seek your vet as soon as you can for further examination and treatment.  If possible, take a fresh sample of pee with you to the vet which will allow them to test for the presence of blood and also any possible infection or bacteria.  Take what is known as a “mid stream” sample ie you don’t want the first part of the pee stream.  Also, if possible do not take a sample of the very first pee of the morning as this will be very strong, more acidic and concentrated and will not give an accurate picture of the “normal” urinary composition.

The vet will take his temperature and give him a general physical examination including palpating his tummy to see if there is any swelling showing that the bladder is very full, or any pain.  He will likely check his prostate too which can be quite painful for the dog if it is enlarged.  If the prostate is the underlying problem, then the suggestion may be made to neuter the dog to prevent further episodes in the future.