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One of my Ringcraft Rebels show handling students has very recently gone through a terrifying ordeal.  We are, fingers crossed, hoping they are now on the road to recovery but she desperately wanted to share her story with you and to lift the lid a little on a condition called Lung Lobe Torsion.  Thank you Jane […]

Lungworms – Rhodes 2 Safety

 Lungworms  –  I was just sitting having my breakfast and saw an advert on the TV about treatment for lungworm and I wondered just how many “ordinary” pet owners actually know anything about it.  So, here goes … Lungworm infestation can be acquired from slugs or snails as intermediate hosts, through sniffing or licking them, […]

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is a highly infectious disease.  It is caused by a mixture of bacteria/viruses all at the same time. It can be picked up from anywhere dogs congretate such as dog shows, training classes, grooming parlours and even vet surgeries and not merely in boarding/rescue kennels as the name would imply.  The disease is transmitted […]