Christmas Safety Warnings – Rhodes 2 Safety

Christmas Safety Warnings – Rhodes 2 Safety

Christmas Safety Warnings: I’w writing today’s blog in the second week of December so today’s “Canine Tip of the Day” has a few seasonal reminders to keep our dog’s safe now that many of us have put up a Christmas tree in the house.

Safety Tips from
Just a few tips to keep in mind

I would also add the obvious but sometimes forgotten tip of ensuring that any foil-covered chocolate ornaments you may be considering putting on your tree are either put up only on the high branches, or perhaps even left off completely.

If you are given a present to leave under your tree, please ensure that it doesn’t contain anything which could be harmful to your animals – you don’t have to know EXACTLY what’s in the gift, merely check that it’s not something you would not ordinarily leave out for your dog to find.

I’m not a Bah Humbug and do sincerely want you all to have THE BEST CHRISTMAS and HOLIDAY SEASON so please be mindful and stay safe – after all, I genuinely want to be able to chat with you more well into 2014!

The tips today came from and I thought them worthy of a share.