Head Pressing – Rhodes 2 Safety

Head Pressing – Rhodes 2 Safety

Head Pressing: Have you ever noticed your dog (or cat) sitting or standing with his head pressed against the wall?  Perhaps he presses it against the floor or other solid object and stands/sits still in this very odd position?  Don’t confuse the normal “head-butting” that they often do to your shins, that’s just dog stuff; we mean the full on standing with their head down, and the top of their skull pressed hard against a surface.  This compulsive behaviour over extended periods of time should never be ignored.

If you EVER notice your dog doing this, please take him to your vet immediately to be checked out.  This could be a very serious problem, be it neurological, infection, tumour, viral, trauma, toxic poisoning, metabolic problem or many other things.

A brilliant article was shared to me recently and to be honest, it is so good I thought there no point in re-writing it so thank you to www.reshareworthy.com

Please check their article out and in particular pay attention to the photographs within it.  Just click on the link below.