Internal Bleeding – Rhodes 2 Safety

Internal Bleeding – Rhodes 2 Safety

After an accident where there has been significant trauma, say like a road traffic collision or fall from a height, or perhaps when our dog has a serious disease or infection, internal bleeding can develop.

When we see blood from a wound, we know instinctively that we need to stop the bleeding as quickly as possible so we apply pressure to the wound and dress it with a bandage.  Thats not so easy if the bleeding is INSIDE the dog.  You can’t exactly put a plaster on a bleed if you can’t see the wound!

So, what do we do?

Well firstly, you must ask yourself what it is that alerts you to the possibility of an internal bleed?  May be we saw the accident happen, or we know our dog has been unwell.  This might tip us off to the possibility but what can you as an owner do to detect whether that is actually what is happening?

Blood is supposed to travel around the circulatory system feeding oxygen to our organs.  If the blood leaves the body, it takes oxygen with it and the animal will start to slide into shock. With internal bleeding, although the blood is not actually leaving the body, it isn’t travelling around the circulatory system as it should be, and hence it is not delivering the oxygen where it is needed.

Signs you might see to alert you to this are:-

Early Signs:-

Rapid Heart Beat

Anxious / Agitated

Bright Red Gums

Shallow Breathing

Pulse Easy to Find

Secondary Signs:-

Increased Heart Beat

Gums Pale or Blue

Lethargy and Weakness

Breathing more shallow

Pulse Difficult to Find

Late Signs:-

Gums White / Mottled

Heart Rate Increases

Weak Pulse

Glazed Eyes /

Not Focussing


Heart Attack


Apart from the above signs, the key and most obvious sign as to whether or not your dog has internal bleeding might be that it is possible to detect the bleeding, just by feeling his tummy/abdomen with the flat of your hand.

Gently place your palm on his tummy and bounce it.  Don’t take your hand off in between presses, don’t poke him with your fingers and don’t slap his tummy – just “bounce” your hand gently 3-4 times and see what it feels like.

A normal tummy should feel soft and squidgey (you can feel your own tummy when you are lying down and relaxed to see how it should feel – whether you’ve “eaten all the pies” or whether you’ve been down to the gym every night for six months, your tummy should be soft).  It should have the texture of a raw steak.

If, when you bounce your hand on the tummy, it feels hard and tight and doesn’t squidge much under your palm, then this can often indicate internal bleeding within the abdomen.  As the blood fills the space, the tummy swells and doesnt feel so soft.  This has more the texture of an over-cooked or “well-done” steak.  This was, in fact, the deciding factor for me personally when I had to make the decision to take my Labrador to be put to sleep following an illness in her old age  :0(

Obviously, we cannot bandage the inside of a dog so we need to act fast.  The first thing to do is to put him in the correct position for treating shock.  Although we cannot stop the bleeding, we can mimimise the effect that the blood loss will have on the dog.

Remember to ‘phone the vet immediately and tell him what you suspect BEFORE you set off to the clinic.  The dog MUST be seen as an emergency.  This CANNOT wait.

Temporary Treatment:

1) Quickly lay him on his back

2) Manually hold his back legs up in the air to get the oxygenated blood to his brain ASAP.

Position for temporary treatment of a dog in shock


Shock Stabilisation Treatment:

1) Find a board strong enough to take his weight and lay him on it.

Find a board to take your dog's weight

The board I found which would be suitable for treating my big Ridgebacks in such a situation turned out to be the lid off my son’s toy box!


N.B. Always lie him on right hand side in case his shock deteriorates and requires CPR.

2) Wrap him in a blanket/towel, securing him to the board with it.

3) Place cushion/rolled up jacket and put under the board, directly under his hind legs.


Use the board to stabilise the dog in shock

4) Tilt him sufficiently for the blood to be encouraged to flow toward his brain.

5) Phone your vet ASAP to meet you at the surgery.

6) The board will act like a stretcher for carrying him to and from the car & it will allow you to tilt his body sufficiently to aid the blood flow to his head.

(N.B. Without the board, his body would just sag in the middle and not be physically tilted)



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    Should a vet be able to do more than compress the area in which the internal bleeding is happening and hook up an iv?

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      Obviously without knowing the situation and injuries I would only be speculating other than to say one would expect internal bleeding to require surgery in most cases. Presumably, however, the vet either thought that compression alone would be sufficient to stop the bleed and control the situation or perhaps he felt there was little he could do if the injuries were too severe? Im sorry I cant be of more help

  2. […] may start subsiding, so please do whatever you can, as you maybe maybe possibly can still save him. […]

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      Really hope the little fella made it – glad Rhodes 2 Safety could be of service x

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    My partner run over my puppy and she gets around but slowly and limping. Her belly is all swollen on one side and it has turned grey, her gums have gone pale as well. Should I take her to the vet or is she just sore? Please help I am so worried about her.

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      Take her to the vet IMMEDIATELY – ring up and tell her that you need to have her seen right now as an emergency. This little one is going into serious shock, probably due to internal bleeding. I cannot stress enough how urgent this is. PLEASE take her now.

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    My dog (8 years old, german shepard/bloodhond/daushount mix) was play outside with another dog of a similar sizewhen said dog totally plowed into my dog at full speed right in the ribs. My dog flipped and rolled about 3 times and audibly had the wind knock out of him. He was limping a little after, but now isn’t. He seems fine, a little sleepy but he usually is at this time of day nyways. Should I be worried? It was a really hard hit.

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      Hi Elsa,

      Obviously without seeing the dog its hard to say but from what you describe, I would imagine he should be fine. I would keep a close eye on him to make sure that his breathing is completely normal and also check his gum colour to make sure they are nice and pink indicating that there is no problem with his oxygen uptake. You can also feel his pulse or simply put your hand on his heart to feel it beating to make sure he is not showing any signs of shock and that his heart isn’t beating too quickly (all assuming you know what speed it normally beats at of course lol). I would think that he was just winded as you say and then a little sore after the impact but other than that, if he is fine in himself and breathing properly, I wouldn’t worry too much. Have a really good feel all around his ribs and the area you think the dog hit and just check that he isn’t in pain when you touch him. You can also hold him gently either side of his ribs and feel him breathing and check that he is breathing equally on both sides of his chest. If you are at all worried that he isn’t 100% normal, ALWAYS see your vet for further advice and assessment.

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    my 12y, 10mo old Canaan Dog went to vets 2x within a 2 week time period (June 4 being the last) for rapid heart rate, decreased stomach capacity, and lethargy. but for a slight liver enzyme elevation, all other testing produced negative results. yesterday after puking 9x in 24 hours, vets did xray and ultrasound, & reran blood in house. but for an enlarged liver with odd surface texture, as well as the same elevated liver enzyme from past 2 blood testing, there was no other masses or indication of fluid anywhere. i.e no explanation for the rapid heart rate or vomiting. they treated with fluids and anti nausea meds. last night, he seemed better than when we went to vets, but today, he seems very tired, his breathing is shallow, and his lethargy is worse. he did not want to go on a walk where both during the puking he has wanted long walks, or longer than the past few days. as for his anemia indicators – his gums are pale but to touch they respond rapidly. the blood tests apparently ruled out anemia too but i don’t which value they used to determine that. i guess, after almost $1200 in 6 weeks, i’m a little frustrated that there is no definitive answer as to the origin of these changes in mood, energy, appetite (he’s hungry still he just eats smaller portions more often), and am tempted to just schedule surgery to explore the liver issue. i have read liver malfuntion or disease could account for all his symptoms, including the vomiting undigested food. ugh. wish they could jsut tell us.

    • Reply

      Oh Lisa what a terrible state of affairs. There is quite simply nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on. Bloods are usually a great way of pointing us in the right direction and certainly ultrasound scans would expect to show up any fluid collections internally too so to not show up anything at all is a real pickle.

      The signs of liver failure are jaundice (where you might see a yellow appearance of the white of the yes or in the lining of the gums, mouth and tongue – there may also be a yellow tinge to be seen inside the ears too.) The urine may appear a very dark brown colour, like the colour of tea. It is possible to experience fluid retention in the tummy, making it feel quite hard and taught to the touch like a drum (in fact, if you tap on it with your fingers, you may hear and kind of dull thud like a drum), spontaneous bleeding may be detected like little pin pricks on the gums or under the tongue or you may see that there appears to be bruising. Sometimes swollen lower limbs may be noticed too.

      I note that you say you feel it may be best to just get him into theatre, but because there is often associated problems with bleeding with liver disease, it may be very difficult to get the bleeding to stop and perhaps this is why your vet is trying to do all the other investigations first before he takes this step?

      Im sorry I cant suggest anything that your vet wont have already considered and do hope sincerely that you get to the bottom of the problem quickly – all my love and best wishes to you and your beautiful boy xx

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        hi Kerry, and thanks so much for helping bring clarity to an otherwise foggy scenario. i didn’t realize the liver bleeding can be difficult to stop should i opt for exploratory surgery. ruling out is the only way to proceed in most animal cases, i know, but you’re correct in that there is nothing worse than the not knowing. or not knowing what he’d WANT me to do for him.

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          I have EVERYTHING firmly crossed for you this end and wishing him a speedy resolution.

          Lots of love and very best wishes for you all

          Kerry x

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    please help my old lab just fell down a long flight of stairs i hear liquid when i put my ear to her stomach and she cant move her stomach feels firm but i cant tell and she keeps urinating a liquid that is red on a carpet but when i pick it up on my fingers it is clear please help I’m very worried

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      Jake Im assuming that by this time you have had your dog to the vet to get her checked out. It sounds as if she could have internal bleeding or certainly damage to one organ or another. If she is peeing pink, it could be related to her kidneys. This is VERY serious and she needs to be seen by a professional ASAP. If she is bleeding, she may well need emergency surgery so please DO NOT wait. You need to put her in the position we use to treat shock, just in case, which is lying down on her side on a board with a cushion under the board at the bottom end to tilt her body and encourage the oxygenated blood to her brain. Check her gum colour which should look a nice baby pink. If it is pale, she is in trouble. Also have a look at how fast she is breathing. Fast breathing/panting is a worry. You say her heart rate is fast, this too indicates that she may be going into shock. Shock can actually be fatal so please PLEASE seek immediate attention for your girl if you haven’t already done so xx

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    I have a 2 a half year old victorian english bulldog. 5 days ago he was hit by a vehicle we think. I wanted to take him to the vet but they wouldn’t see him without money up front, which I don’t have. I’ve been watching him closely, his breathing is normal, he’s not limping at all, and his tummy feels normal. But he’s very stiff, slow moving and I have to make him get up. A once very excitable, energetic dog is now quite lethargic. Do you have any advice in which I can help him with his healing process?

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    Hi, I have 5 kennel dogs, while out walking last night my collie cross was kicked my a man very hard in the belly, I have just gone to see him and he’s walking very slow as if he’s hurting, I’ve felt his belly, it feels fine, I’ve checked his bums, they’re also fine, when I walked him as soon ad the lead came off he was running like nothing was wrong, the male got arrested for kicking him so that’s all dealt with but I really dont have the funds to take him to the vets, I’m just very scared now!!

    • Reply

      I appreciate what you say about funds – things are tough aren’t they. You need to keep an eye on his breathing rate, his gum colour and his heart rate. If things change, he could be going into shock, likely as a result of internal bleeding. You say his tummy feels soft, so that’s good, but make sure you check him regularly in case he has a slow bleed. If you see any change in his breathing, gums, heart or how tight his tummy feels, you must get him on his side with his bottom elevated ASAP and ring the vet as a matter of some urgency. It sounds as though he’s got away with it which is good but please do keep a very close eye on him. Have a read of our blog on shock so you know what to look out for with him. Also, as he’s been kicked in the belly, make sure he is eating, drinking, urinating and passing his stools normally and regularly too. Check the colour of the stool. If it is dark or blacky in colour, it shows signs of internal bleeding that is very high up. If it is red, the bleeding is active. The sooner you spot any problems the better the outcome. If you see any changes he MUST see a vet even if money is tight as it could well be very serious. I wish you well and hope he has a good recovery xx

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        Hi there my dog is an Alsatian mixed breed, shes 8 ears old one day all of a sudden she got really ill. she wouldnt eat we thought it was because of the other two females were on heat after 3 weeks still no eating she didnt get better the other dogs are perfectly fine when she throws up its a brownish colour and looks like dried up blood, her gums are black. she hasnt been eating we are currently giving her yogurt (plain) 2x a day 2 injections. we have no idea what it could be the spca says we should put her down after not examining her correctly I dont want to lose my dog please help

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          Hi Pat, I’m really sorry to read your message – you must be out of your mind with worry. Without examining your girl it is very difficult to give any solid advice as it could be many things although the vomit you describe does sound as if she could have internal bleeding of one type or another. Things to consider are is she toileting normally? Is it normal in colour, consistency etc or is there mucus or darkness in it? If there is then it might be a problem with her stomach or digestive tract. If there isn’t, then it could be a problem with her lungs or other internal organ. How is she in herself energy wise? Is she up for going for her walk? Is she unable to get comfortable and sitting up to breathe rather than happily lying down? Is she happier seeking out somewhere cool to breathe, perhaps wanting to get up in the night to breathe the cooler air? What colour is her tongue? You say her gums are black which makes it difficult to check her circulation but if you check her tongue it should be nice and pink. If its purple then things are not good. As I say, without seeing your girl its very difficult to tell what is going on but it certainly does sound as if she is very poorly indeed. I would have her straight back to the vet to be checked over properly and for them to explain what they think is going on with her. If they have recommended that she be PTS, then they must have a fair idea what they think the problem is or they wouldn’t have recommended such serious action. I would get the facts from them and go from there. If she is as poorly as it sounds to me, then awful as it is, the decision you have to make may be kinder than carrying on. Please do go back to the vet, yoghurt is not going to deal with this problem Im afraid.

          Im so sorry Pat ….. good luck and God bless x

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    My 3 month old Labrador puppy jumped out of our moving truck this morning while we were going about 30 MPH. I did not see the impact but did see her tumbling a few times before I was able to pull over. She was up and walking a bit disoriented when I ran to her and did not cry when I picked her up and checked her once over. We continued to the park and she seems energetic and happy. Running, playing, etc. She is at home now and after a shower and another once over I only noticed a small scrape on her chin area. She seems to be pretty lethargic, which is to be expected after her first visit to the dog park and a traumatic fall, but I am still worried about her. Her tummy feels firm but not stiff, and her gums are a pale pink color. What is your opinion ?

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      I think she’s been one lucky puppy! If you suspect internal bleeding at all then I would say have her to the vet urgently as this kind of thing cannot wait.

      If her gums are a kind of salmon/baby pink colour, then that’s normal so that’s good. If they are very pale and maybe have a blue tinge to them or if her tongue is going a little blue or even so pale that there is no colour, that’s very bad. Have a look at her breathing. Is she breathing normally would you say or could it be quicker than usual? What is her heart rate like? Is that fast? You must remember that puppies do have faster breathing rates than full grown dogs anyway so we need to be thinking of how fast it is compared to normal.

      If she has a scratch on her chin, remember to check inside of her mouth to see that her teeth are not broken or damaged and also that her jaw feels fine.

      Has she been going to the toilet OK? Is it normal in amount and normal colour – could the poo be dark in colour or can you see any blood in the pee or the poo?

      As Ive only just seen your questions and its now been over 24 hours since it happened, I guess you have a good idea by now as to whether she is truly ill or not but honestly if it were my puppy I would have had her straight to the vet as we cannot see what is going on inside. Puppies do bounce which is lucky but even so, 30 mph is a high speed to fall at.

      I do hope she is OK but please do have her checked out by a professional – she may seem fine now but if she has a slow internal bleed and it goes undetected, the outcome could be very serious. xxx

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    Hi, I was really worried of our dog. She was hit by a motorcycle earlier and she was coughing up blood and we try to lay her down to rest but she couldn’t. we don’t have any vet here in our place, what should we do? please help us.

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      Im so very sorry. I have only just seen your message. This sounds really very bad indeed. I do hope she made it 🙁

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    I stepped on the back end of my grandchilds Yorkiee who is 8 weeks old. Took her immediately to the vet. Said her heart and lungs sounded ok and didnt feelany brokeb bones. Said just to watch for hard tummy. She haAs had 2 nornal bowel movements abd urinations. Its been about 15 hr and she is tensing her tunmy with each wimpering breath so its hard to tell if its hard from internal bleeding or she is tensing up cause it hurts. I cant lay her on her back to feel because she doesbt want to be turbed over and fights it.

    • Reply

      Hi Nancy,

      Poor little munchkin! Well done for taking it straight to the vet. Honestly, at just 8 weeks old Id take it back again to be looked at. She may have seemed fine at first but if there is damage internally, it may take a while for it to start showing, hence why now some 15 hours later she is whimpering. If she’s crying, she’s in pain. I would phone the vet straight away and lay out the symptoms for him to make a more informed decision. While she’s standing up, just have a little squeeze of her tummy to see if it feels hard or soft and watch her face as you do it so you can see if she is whincing in pain from your touch. Please don’t wait, speak to the vet ASAP.

      Good luck xx


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    My dachshund who also has diabetes fell off my wasn’t that high of a fall, and he is eating, walking, acting his normal barky self, but, I’m wondering if it’s possible that he could still have internal bleeding.he’s 10, and when he fell I was sleeping, while I woke up quickly, and I didn’t hear him cry, I’m still worried. If he had internal bleeding would he still be eating? His gums are nice and pink and I plan on calling the vet in the morning just in case,I was just wondering what your opinion was. Thanks

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      I have only just seen your message Stephanie. I note that you said you were going to have him checked up by the vet in the morning which is great. I hope the news was good – I suspect he will be just fine x

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    Hello, I am worried about my dog Mooshoo. He had been making black tarry poo, and has these wierd hot spot looking rashes are spread across his entire body. His gums are normal, and everything else is as well. He acts the exact same and is eating the same as he always does. Nothing physical has acted upon him. Please help explain to me what is going on, I don’t want to lose him.

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      If he has dark tarry poo, you need to get him to the vet to be checked over to be on the safe side. Often black poo can mean there is bleeding higher up in his digestive tract somewhere. If the blood is bright red, it means it is fresh. If it is dark, it means it is old and is from higher up, not near his bottom end. It might just be what he has eaten but I wouldn’t take any chances with it if he were mine – black poo should NOT be ignored. I would suggest getting a sample of the poo in a clean container and taking it with you for your vet to see ASAP.

      The hot spots will also be very uncomfortable for him and need urgent veterinary treatment so you can have those checked out at the same time. Please do not wait. Good luck

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        yesterday we took Mooshoo to the vet, and he had a blood test and an injection of a certain vitamin. the results came back today and said his white blood cells were higher than average. this morning, he was not himself. he was not barking at the door, and did not beg for food. he just sat. so my mother and father are now taking him to an emergency room for animals. i have no clue what the outcome will be, but i am extremely scared. do you have any idea what will happen

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    My dog got out this morning so I picked him up in my.truck before he got to walking strangers, on our way back he fell out of the bed of the truck while I was still moving, he limped for about 10 seconds, no whimpering, I pressed all his limbs and none hurt him, his gums are a little red but I haven’t checked them before today, he’s still jumping and acting normal. He’s just kinda tired looking, what should I do, I have NO money for a vet

    • Reply

      If he appears ok and is not limping, then he probably got away with it (because I didn’t see it happen I would really only be guessing, and it does of course depend how fast you were going when he fell and how far from the ground he was and how he landed). After any kind of fall from a moving vehicle you should always have the animal checked out by a vet. I would suggest that you try to keep him quiet for the rest of the day and certainly no jumping up or running about – take him for his toilet breaks on his lead only. You need to check for any swelling of the limb, any heat and any problem with his movement. If he seems happy enough tomorrow, then he’s probably OK.

      If you are worried about internal bleeding then you need to check his tummy when he is lying down. Can you see any swelling or bruising? Does it hurt him when you press it? Is he going to the toilet as normal and is there any blood in his pee? The tummy should feel nice and soft. If it feels hard then there could be a serious problem and if any of the things Ive listed above can be found, then money or not, he MUST see a vet. Keep your eyes on his gum colour and how quickly he is breathing and how fast his heart is beating.

      Good luck.

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    My dog was kicked by a man Friday morning on our walk and developed a dry, heaving cough immediately after. I had called my vet as soon as we got home. By this time, the coughing had slowed down to barely any. I had felt his ribs and stomach and he was acting normal and laying fine, no restlessness. The tech took a message and the vet called back an hr later telling me that he sounds ok now. However, keep an eye on him if he stops eating or gets really restless, etc…anything out of the norm. He has been eating fine and his stools and urine look normal. We even ventured to the park to let out some energy yesterday. i kept a close eye on him and he played normal ( no coughing during). However, he continues to have this occasional dry heaving cough that is sometimes more like something is stuck is his throat/hair ball type cough. Is this a sign of anything?? It worries me that he is still occasionally coughing. My normal vet is closed today and I came across your article while researching other signs of internal bleeding. His stomach seems ok and his gums are a pale pink/pink but he did just wake up.

    • Reply

      In all honesty without seeing the dog I really couldn’t comment. As it is intermittent, I don’t think it sounds as if you need an emergency appointment today but I would certainly keep an eye on him and ring the vet first thing tomorrow and explain this to him. If he hasn’t actually examined the dog and is just going from what you’ve told him, he could be missing something so much better to have him checked over.

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    My dog Roscoe is about 2 years old and this morning he was hit by a car. All I know is I heard a car and a yelp. I went to look and he wasn’t anywhere to be found. About 3 hours later my baby made it back to the house. He has a few cuts on his back leg and it is really swollen but I don’t think anything is broken. He has a bit of “road rash” on his belly. His belly is still soft. His heart rate is normal. His breathing is somewhat normal meaning he will be breathing fine then he will take deep breaths for a while then it will go back to normal. I am really worried about him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Reply

      Hello Hayley,

      I have been away for a few days so have only just seen your message. Obviously, so long after the accident, I sincerely hope you now know whether he is OK or not. In all honesty if I had heard by dog get hit by a car, I would have him to the vet ASAP regardless whether he looked OK or not, just to be on the safe side. Internal bleeding and fractures can be exceedingly difficult to detect as dogs naturally try to cover up any injuries they may have and a professional opinion would certainly be the best course of action.

      As I say, I know its a little late in the date getting back to you but I hope the news for Roscoe is good.

      All my love


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    Hi I’m really worried about my 11 year old pug I accidentally dropped her from my arms really high I’m about 5 foot maybe 3 inches I don’t know I tried to feel her tummy it feels had not soft but I don’t know what I’m really looking for I tried to feel her heart and its pretty fast but I think that’s how it always is and her gums are kinda a dark pink but I really couldn’t see she wouldn’t let me please help I’m worried

    • Reply

      Hey Taylor,

      Ive only just seen your message. Im hoping by now that she’s either much much happier or you have been able to get her to see a vet. 11 for a Pug is quite a good age and the problem is that you can’t see what’s going on inside. A fast heart beat could be normal for her as she is only a little dog, but it could also be due to the accident and her possibly going into shock. My best advice here would honestly be to have her checked ASAP by a vet and not take any chances at all.

      Im sorry I cant offer other advice as I cant see the dog and so a vet is absolutely the best action.

      good luck with her xx

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    My dog piper got hit by a car today. She limping and not as playful and not even barking anymore, she’s eating and drinking And sleeps a lot more than normal she bruised and her leg is swollen the back one and it looks like what they told me its a bruise but I see the blood it could be and what could I do

    • Reply

      I’m hoping you have seen the vet with her? Its very important that you get her checked out by a professional. Not only could she have damaged the bones in her leg, she could also have hurt other parts of her skeleton such as her pelvis or spine too. Of course, there could also be damage inside after an impact like that too. So, if you HAVEN’T seen a vet, please do immediately.

      If you HAVE seen a vet, then things you can do to help make her more comfortable are to lie her down so that her back end is slightly raised which will help with the swelling in the leg. You can also try applying cold compresses to the leg to help soothe her. She needs to stay off the leg as much as possible – no running about or jumping or anything like that.

      I hope she isn’t too badly injured. Best wishes. Rhodes 2 Safety.

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    Hi, My dog she is almost a year old. And three days ago she bit a person in my house and that person chased her outside. I had control of the dog at the time, But he hit her in the center of the head with a pole. It was a hard hit to, But the first night she was bleeding from her nose for about 4-5 hours the second night she moved a little bit “She has been eating a drinking plenty of water” But around her nose Right in the center of her eyes was swelling but she walked around a little bit now day 3 the swelling has gone down she is walking better responding when her name is said. She’s been slowly doing everything she used to before the accident, she had a seizure when it first happened. Then she had another that lasted 20-30 seconds at most, My parents said she should be fine. The vet has also said she should be fine but i want a third opinion on this what should i do for her, She sleeps allot more then she used to. Her breathing is how it always was. This is her first accident period. She has never been sick, Never had an injury. I just don’t want to lose my dog. She is very important to me Is she going to be okay?

    • Reply

      Do you trust your vet? If you have a good relationship with him, faith that he knows what he is doing then, if the vet has examined the dog and you have been honest and truthful with her history, then that’s your call. It sounds as though she has had a serious head injury resulting in swelling of the brain . If she is starting to get better, then likely the swelling is now subsiding and the pressure on her brain is lessening. She will feel better if this is the case. I would keep my eye on her like a hawk!

      If she were my dog, I would have taken her to the vet IMMEDIATELY that she was hit. I would have wanted her to be X-rayed to see what the state of the skull was too and any other investigations available such as a brain scan etc. These investigations are VERY expensive and I don’t know if your dog is insured or not. Obviously, I haven’t seen the dog and your vet has so if he has given you his best medical opinion and says he expects her to be OK, then you will need to be guided by his professional advice. I would say watch her very closely. It is possible that she may have fits in the future as a result of the accident.

      Im sorry I cant give you more advice but without seeing the dog, all I can do is wish you both well

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    My dog was involved in a vicious dog attack today she is only a small chihuahua crossed with a jack Russell and the dog that attacked her was a large German Shepard it began ragging her around in its mouth and had hold of her belly, she seems to be fine now eating and drinking however when we touched her right side she yelps, we have also contacted the vet and expressed this an emergency however we have had no further contact from them, please could you advise in whether we should be taking her to another vet? Thanks

    • Reply

      Hi Kerry,

      You need to check if there are any signs of shock or internal bleeding as this is the most important thing. Have a look at her gums. Press your finger on her gum just above one of her big fangs. when you take your finger off it will leave a white finger print for a tiny amount of time and go straight back to red. If her gums are pale when you look (they should be baby pink/salmon coloured) then she is going into shock. If her gums are pink but it takes longer than 2 seconds for the white finger print to disappear, that’s also very worrying.

      Feel her heart rate and see how fast it is beating. If it is very fast, I would get her to the vet, also if her breathing is faster than normal, that’s dangerous too.

      Her tummy could be sore because of being bitten (understandably) or it could be because she has internal damage. If her tummy feels very hard when you touch it, I would have her seen as an emergency.

      check to see if she has any wounds (which Im guessing she surely will having been attacked by another dog). Clean the wounds as best you can with salt water – and I mean REALLY well.

      She WILL need to be seen by the vet as an emergency straight away if any of the above signs can be seen. Of her heart rate, gum colour, breathing and tummy all seem OK, then an appointment at tonight’s clinic should be enough but honestly, if it were my tiny dog having been ragged about like that, I would want her checking as an emergency and I wouldn’t wait until this evening.

      I really do hope she is OK – good luck xx

  21. Reply

    My 9 month old heeler jumped out of the bed of my truck yesterday doin 40-50. She has road rash on her legs and sides. A busted up chin and broken toe nails. She’s limping on her hind leg but she will put pressure on it. Her tummy doesn’t feel swollen and her gums are normal colored. She’s acting sore and lazy but she still wags her tail and will whine and bark when I talk to her like she always does. Ive cleaned her wounds and gave her baby aspirin. I’m not sure if I should take her to the vet or just let her heal. I’m not sure if there is anything internally wrong but I haven’t noticed any signs.

    • Reply

      Without any doubt at all – YES!

      If your dog has fallen from a moving vehicle doing 40-50 mph she will have taken a terrible fall. She could have sustained fractures to the bones of her legs, her spine, not to mention that if she has hurt her chin she could have a fractured jaw, broken teeth or head injuries. She could also have internal injuries. A dog at 9 months has no where near finished growing and developing and injuries to the skeleton of this nature could impact the rest of her life.

      There is no way on earth I would leave this dog without getting checked out. You may be lucky and she has got away with it but you would never forgive yourself if you miss something serious – which could very easily be the case. Please, have her seen by a veterinary professional TODAY.

      Best wishes and I hope she has a speedy recovery


  22. Reply

    My dog was hit by a car yesterday. Her shoulder is definitely damaged but I don’t think that it is dislocated. I believe the vehicle hit her shoulder and knocked it inward towards her body which may have caused some muscle/nerve stretching and damage. No vets in my area will take her because (of course) I dont have any money to pay up front and they don’t even take installments. She did go into shock a little bit yesterday but I kept her wrapped in a blanket and gave her some water and sat with her to keep her calm. She is acting like her normal self (besides the fact that she is very lethargic and slow, which is understandable because her shoulder injury is probably absolute agony for her) I check her gums and paws often and sometimes her gums are a little pale but not white. Her paws are warm as well. I don’t believe there is any internal damage, but I want to stay on the safe side and keep her in check. Also, since her shoulder is most likely just torn and not dislocated or fractured, should I wrap it or leave it be? She cries out every time she puts any form of pressure on it. I want to make her feel as comfortable as I can. I am very angry that the vets won’t take her just because i dont have any money. If I came in and she was bleeding from her head with bones sticking out from all angles, they still wouldn’t take her I bet. I’m doing the best I can on my own and trying to find some answers.

    • Reply

      I’ve been away and have only just seen your message. I hope she is feeling better by now but honestly she does need to see a vet. Is there no charity organisation you could take her to or at the very least phone to get advice from. Without seeing her I could say any more because each situation is different. She really needs to be x-rayed and have pain killers too. I know you say you don’t have the money but she really does need to be seen.

  23. Reply

    My 19 month old lab fell off of the deck this morning and landed on his side. About 10-12ft up I’d say. He was acting normal and ate and his stomach didn’t feel hard immediately but it was right after it happened. Should I be worried that he could have internal bleeding from a fall like that? Should he be monitored throughout the day?

    • Reply

      I’ve been away and have only just seen your message, it’s now some 4 days since it happened so you will know one way or the other by now in any case. Labs are quite robust though he is still very much a baby and this was a high fall. You don’t say what he fell on to – was it grassed or concrete as without seeing the dog, it’s very hard to advise. I would advise ringing the vet immediately and monitor very closely and if there was any change in the dogs behaviour, his breathing, heart rate or gum colour, I would have him to the clinic straight away. I would also check him all over for any issues with broken bones be that ribs or limbs. He may also have banged his head as he fell and with fur you cannot see any bruising. I would have said with a puppy and especially a fall of that height, a vet as something of an emergency would have been the best call.

  24. Reply

    19 week*** not month

  25. Reply

    My dog was knocked over earlier today, she came home and seemed fine though a little shaken, the neighbour told me he had seen it the car wasnt going very fast as it was turning a corner on a country road. She lay down for maybe 30 mins and she seemed fine, she lay the bed and I checked her over again, when touching her stomach it seemed sore and very very hot, the skin is also flaccid. I took her to the vets almost immediately who advised to monitor her for the next 24 hrs her gums etc, gave her an injection and a 1/4 a pill (meloxicam) for next 4 days. Really my question is if she were to have internal injuries/bleeding how long would it take for these symptoms to manifest themselves, at the moment she seems fine, just understandbly in pain and a little lethargic (though im assuming this is the injection)

    • Reply

      Update: She was fine over night, very sore, no change to her condition, pink gums, no temperature, no blood in her stools or urine, shes eating and drinking, has been up and around. She came for a walk this morning, but is more tired than normal and slower (though i guess this is expected), she gets out of breath a little more easily and her stomach still looks very sore and wont let me touch it, it is red and looks like a little bruised now. Could this just be a friction burn on her stomach, there are not really any other visible signs a small scratch on her leg and one on her thigh. I asked the neighbour again today and he said the car was not going fast at all, his dog was also hit at the same time (they were playing) and he is not suffering any effects or injuries whatsoever.

  26. Reply

    hi my 7 months year old puppy. I trusted him with these little kids but they had an off vibe, so the minute I wasn’t watching him I see him run away from them. Then he’s acting scared and sad. Idk I have feeling they stuck a needle inside him or something. Idk if he’s a puppy and doesn’t recognize the pain. He’s eating, drinking water, playing. But half/energy like. he’s very energetic. The owner is my gf and she’s been gone for two weeks im taking caring of him idk if he’s a bit sad. idk if I’m just paranoid, please help. I want to know if such a thing could make him bleed and show symptoms of pain immediately. It’s been 17 hours since this happened.

    • Reply

      What makes you think they stuck a needle in him? Where did they stick it? Was there anything in the needle that could have poisoned him? PLEASE take the dog to the vet immediately. If you suspect something happened and he is behaving differently then you MUST get an expert to check him over.

  27. Reply

    My dog is about 4 years old I rescued her she was very well taken care of with all her shots and so forth. Well I’ve noticed serious weight loss she eats but will not gain weight. I’ve been told she was depressed because her owner died. I’ve tried everything I guess I have been scared to take her to vet because pit bulls they always seem to just wanna put down and if I take her I couldn’t bare that. Her gums are pale and she eats, some days she leaves her food and eats it the next day. Can u help I know I should have taken her already but I’m so worried there gonna not care and just put her down she gets kinda aggressive toward people she doesn’t know.

    • Reply

      Hi Shaun, Im so sorry to read that your little girl is under the weather. She does sound like she needs to see a veterinary professional Im afraid. If her gums are pale in colour, then that’s an alert that things are not right, as is her weight loss and lack of appetite. There are a million squillion things that could be responsible – all the way from her missing her owner to something more serious. The vet will need to know lots of things from you such as:

      how long she has been in your care,
      what you are feeding her on and whether it is different from what she used to get fed with her previous owner,
      is she spayed,
      is she drinking normally,
      is she toileting normally (what her pee and poo is like – is there any blood in it?)
      is her tummy hard when you press it when she is relaxed and lying down
      is her tummy swollen,
      is she being sick,
      is she tired and lethargic
      is she panting and stopping on her walks

      I would have a think about all the answers and ring to make an appointment with the vet to be checked over. It might be good to take a pee and poo sample with you if you can in case the vet needs to test it. Make sure you collect it in a container that is really really spotlessly clean so that whatever was in it before doesn’t alter the results of any tests the vet might do.

      You say she gets kind of aggressive towards people she doesn’t know. Just to help you out while you go to the vet, it would be good to get her used to wearing a muzzle BEFORE you take her if you can so that she can’t do any damage and also so that wearing the muzzle isn’t too stressful for her. There is a blog on here about Muzzle Acceptance which might help a little for future reference although I would say you don’t really have time to do too much of that this time around because she really needs to be seen urgently.

      Good luck and think positive. She is young and it may well be something very easy to sort with the help of a qualified professional Shaun.

  28. Reply

    Hi, My friend picked up my 9 week old puppy yesterday and she wriggled free and fell (from about shoudler height).she yelped and ran away but i eventuallymanaged to get her inside. I checked her over and it doesnt feel like anything is broken, she landed on her side. She then sat under the table all night before falling asleep. She seems fine in herself this mornign but grunts a little when i pick her up. When she is asleep she breathes quite quick but im not sure if this is normal for her. she is playing as normaland running around the house. do I need to take her tothe vets?

    • Reply

      Lets consider if this was a human baby of 9 weeks old that you had dropped from shoulder height. Would you take it to the doctor’s office to be checked out? Of course you would because you are a sensible person. The same applies for the animals in our care. When we or an animal falls it is impossible to tell if anything has been damaged or broken without an x-ray and/or a qualified professional to examine them. She could have nothing more than bruising, but then again, if she is grunting, it could be something more serious and I know you would never forgive yourself if you missed something that could cause her trouble or worse. If there is something wrong and it is not treated, then she could be left with injuries for the rest of her life. I would certainly take her to the vet – if nothing else, to be told she is fine. Good luck with her and fingers crossed she is fine

  29. Reply

    Hi my puppy is acting normal but I think I may have found a bit of blood in his poop and I’m not to sure if he is bleeding internally or what… He likes to chew on the wood chips we have in our yard but we usually stop him from doing that but is it possible that he broke of a piece and ate it idk I’m just thinking of why bkZ it makes me worried he is still playful and eats and drinks water but I’m really scared I love my puppy he is 7 months

    • Reply

      When you say you “think you may have found blood” it depends what it looked like. If it is dark blood it is more worrying than bright red blood because dark blood means it has come from higher up the digestive tract where as bright blood usually means he has been straining to poo and the blood is fresh. If you have any serious considerations that you have found blood in his poo, please do have him checked out at the vet because if he IS bleeding internally, he will be a very sick puppy very quickly.

  30. Reply

    Hi, my 2.5 months saint Bernard was playing with my father and while playing , he came in between his legs, my father lost balance and fell on the puppy. He was badly hurt, his nose was bleeding, we took him to the vet, he gave him injections, after that bleeding stopped but since then puppy is very sleepy though he went for a little bit of walk with me and is eating properly but I am afraid he might have any internal injury or he might be in shock!

    Should I take him to the vet again or give him some time to recover?

    Please reply!

    • Reply

      Im sorry I have only just seen your message. Yes, absolutely, take your puppy back to the vet. If his behaviour is different from normal, there is a reason why and a veterinary professional needs to see him to make a proper diagnosis. Please do not delay if you haven’t already been

  31. Reply

    I have a 10 year old Boxer named Bones. June 19 a man hit my car with Bones in it. I didn’t see what happened to him and assumed he was fine. A week later I took him to his Vet for a check up & shots and I had mentioned he seems to be hurt or he fell downstairs because he was now afraid to go down the stairs. During his exam she found an abnormality with his heart. She said we need to get him to a Cardiologist where he will do an ultrasound for this Premature Arrhythmia Complexes and he could go into Cardiac Arrest if pushed too much. The next evening after work I came home to find him on the floor, breathing rapidly, white gums and so weak unable to stand. I rushed him to Vet where she did a quick ultrasound of his heart for fluid and saw none, but told me to get to Tuft’s Veterinary School hospital in N. Grafton. They took him in and did an ultrasound where they found a tumor near the adrenal gland, which could eventually invade the vena carva, the main vein carrying blood from abdomen to the heart and another mass, which could be blood. They want another $2000 to $3000 for a Catscan, which would show exactly were the bleed was coming from. I collapsed, cried and vomited. They said he would eventually bleed to death and I just lost it. I asked them to wait until morning when we could speak with my Vet before I make any decisions. I didn’t sleep a wink and cried all night, which actually was 4am before we even got home. The Vet called and said how sorry she was and that we should just bring him home that there was a Chinese herb called Yunnan Baiyao he could use to control the bleeding. We picked him up, his old silly self and he seems to have made a full recovery until some other jerk decided to come into my lane without looking and the dog came flying up and started to bleed again. The rude uncaring resident vet at Tuft’s told me they were shocked he wasn’t dead and basically he is just going to bleed to death from this tumor. I asked her “can’t you even entertain the idea it is in internal injury from the accident causing the bleed not the tumor?” She didn’t even acknowledge me the entire visit and talked to my 16 year old son the entire time, like he was the adult and I was a nothing. I told her to give him fluids and I’ll take him home. I took him home and he got better again. That was last Monday the 3rd of August and when he went for a recheck she told me he was doing unbelievable and we were in the process of getting the Cat scan this upcoming week to see where the bleed is from and we both were confident he was doing good enough for this procedure. Well today is Saturday, August 8th and he is bleeding internally again. Honestly, unless I rush him into an Emergency facility and do a Cat scan immediately I don’t think he is going to make it through the night. My heart is broken and I am constantly crying. I gave him 2 of the Yunnan Baiyao emergency pills, which is high doses of the Yunnan Baiyao to stop a major bleed, but I am at a loss. I have received all this records and an ultrasound disk, but I can’t make out the pictures on the ultrasound, although I tried. I don’t want him to suffer, but what if it is an internal injury from the car, like I truly believe. How can I live with myself if I just let him go without fully knowing? Praying is all I can do right now!

    • Reply

      What a terrible time you’ve all had! Im so sorry to read all that you’ve been through. Have you had the CAT scan done? What did it show? Honestly, without it you will never really know for sure although from what you say, the tumour is likely the cause of the problems. It all depends on quality of life doesn’t it and its such a hard decision to make. I hope your prayers are answered … lots of love x

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    My 5 year old Belgain Malenois was knocked over by one of my pigs yesterday. When she fell she made a snarl/yelp sound. I’m a 17 year old, and my stepmother told me after the incident happed, that she may have internal bleeding. I’m extremely worried about her. Her gums look fine in color, but her tummy is hard to the touch. Her behavior is normal, though she lays down more than usual. She did vomit twice later on after what happened, but it was just grass an pre-digested chicken. I have no way of paying for a vet visit and my parents refuse to pay, because we’re low on money. She did eat a lot of food about 20 mins before the incident, so I’m not sure if that’s why she is bloated. Our male Malenois is also bloated and gassy, with a hard tummy… am I just worried over gas from eating too much and too fast at one time?

    • Reply

      I’m really sorry to hear that 🙁
      is there any bruising on her tummy?
      does she react in anyway when you press her tummy like licking her lips, crying, whale eye, looking away, holding her breath?
      If your other one is the same, then it sounds likely that it’s what they’ve eaten.
      If it was a big impact by the pig and she vomited after it, then of course the best advice is certainly to have her checked by the vet as this is potentially a very dangerous situation. If you can’t afford to do that then the next best thing is to keep a VERY close eye on all of her vital signs to make sure that she isn’t showing any signs of shock.
      Check her gums, her heart rate and her breathing rate and make sure they are all stable. If they start to increase, then you must have her checked by the vet as an emergency. If there is abdominal bleeding, then she is obviously at serious risk of going into shock so its best to lie her on a slight slope with her head down-hill so by putting her on a board with something under the board to tilt it. Keep her warm and keep her calm. If you see any of these signs, please get her to the vet ASAP

  33. Reply

    I have a one week old doberman and a high chair fell on him. Immediately he cried and started spitting up blood from his mouth and nose. A day later he is still alive and moving. Bleeding stopped but the mom won’t feed him so I’ve been bottle feeding. He moves around a lot but doesn’t walk cause he’s only a week old. Maybe broken ribs?

    • Reply

      Oh my goodness poor baby! You need to have this puppy to the vet immediately and cannot leave him like this. At the very least he will be in a considerable amount of pain and require pain killers but will likely have serious injuries as a result of the accident. Please don’t leave him without professional attention – imagine it if were your infant child that this had happened to, at one day old, spitting up blood from the nose and mouth. You would go straight to the emergency room and the same attention should certainly be given to this little one too. Please do not wait any longer 🙁
      I wish the puppy well and hope he will be OK

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