Prolapse of the Eyeball

Prolapse of the Eyeball

A prolapse of the eyeball can occur in breeds such as the Pekinese and the Chihuahua with large protruding eyes. As a result of injury the eye may displace forward and the eyelids partly close behind it.

An injury of this nature usually occurs after a fight with a larger dog but it can occur if the Pekinese is lifted by the scruff.


What should you do?

As soon as you possibly can, part the eyelids & gently push the eyeball back into its normal position using a moistened pad of gauze.

However, many owners would not feel confident enough to attempt this and if this is the case for you, please cover the eye with a moistened gauze as per our blog on treatment for severe eye injury (just click on this link, and transport your dog to the vet immediately.

Please remember to ‘phone ahead to the vet to let him know you are on your way.  There is no point in turning up unannounced as you may find the vet out on his rounds or away on an emergency call if he does not know you are coming.