Severe Injury to the eye, eg by stone/ball

Severe Injury to the eye, eg by stone/ball

Severe Injury to the eye  – Again, with such a serious eye injury it is vitally important that we access professional veterinary help as soon as possible.  Please be aware that the dog will be in severe discomfort so application of a muzzle may well be appropriate.

If the object that has hit the dog in the eye is dirty, say a stone or clod of mud, then rinse out the injured eye as in the yesterday’s tip, ensuring there is nothing protruding or stuck in to the actual eyeball itself.

If possible, cover the injured eye with a sterile or clean pad, moistened with saline (salt water).  We need to keep the injured eye as still as possible and, because eyes work in pairs, if the good eye moves, so will the injured one.  Therefore, IF the dog will tolerate it, it is better to cover BOTH eyes even though only one is injured.

Gently hold the pad across the eye (covering it to block out any light but not actively pressing on the eye and causing further damage) while transporting the dog to the clinic or vets office.  Its a good idea if possible to have somebody else do the driving while you sit with the dog in the back and have his head rested on your lap for comfort, support and reassurance.    If  you are alone and must drive the care yourself, then if you have your dog crated you can throw a blanket over the crate to keep it dark inside.  This too will help the eyes stop moving around quite as much.

Remember, if possible, to monitor the dog closely en route to your vet, watching all the time for signs of shock.  If, however, you are actually driving yourself, then simply getting to the vet as safely and quickly as possible will be your goal.

N.B.  Remember to ring your vet BEFORE you set off so he knows you are coming and there is a qualified veterinary professional waiting for you as you travel in.