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Personally, I prefer a nail grinder such as a Dremel to using clippers.  This is for several reasons: When using clippers, if you are in the wrong place, you don’t find out until it’s too late! When using clippers, they squeeze the nail as they cut and many dogs find this uncomfortable. When using clippers, […]

Dremel – introducing a puppy to a nail grinder

Yesterday, Coda turned 13 weeks.  At the moment, every day is a new and exciting adventure.  We are looking to socialise him and introduce him to as many positive people, dogs, venues and experiences as possible in an effort to create a confident, well-rounded, balanced adult dog in the future. * Today’s itinerary was a […]

Nails & the Dremel

** NAILS & THE DREMEL **   OK, so it seems that Nails are as big a deal to you guys as they are to me, but lots of you are a bit frightened as to how to address using a Dremel to grind back the nails. This is how I do my boys as […]