Aloe Vera Gel


As with all the products on the Rhodes 2 Safety list, this one by StableLine is one we use here with our own dogs and recommend whole-heartedly.  I have used it on many different occasions including dry skin, heat rash, allergic reactions, itchy skin and damaged paws.  Our oldest boy suffers with painful arthritis in his front feet.  Sometimes, he nibbles at the pads to try to gain some relief but in doing so, on one occasions he nibbled so frantically that he pulled off a large chunk of the black pad, leaving it open and sore.  I slathered on the Aloe Vera Gel, popped on a sock and by morning, virtually all evidence of the aforementioned disaster had healed.  I cannot recommend this product highly enough and we are NEVER without it here.


Aloe Vera Gel by StableLine is a soothing natural anti-fungal and antibacterial gel for skin disorders.  Protects and aids natural recovery from minor cuts, sores and burns.

300 ml tub.

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Aloe Vera Gel by StableLine – a natural remedy for skin disorders

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