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An easy-to-follow guide to dealing with canine first aid situations
Brought to you by the UK’s number 1
Canine First Aid Training Company for 2017 and 2018

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The Dog’s Blogs has been carefully crafted to give every reader, be they professionals or regular dog owners, vital first aid information, when they need it, all in one place.  There are so many sources of information these days, spread over many mediums.  The Dog’s Blogs will save you the time and frustration of searching for the answers to your questions and spoon feed you what you need to know in easily digestible chunks.

The blogs in this book were produced and published over the course of 6 years through the Rhodes 2 Safety website.  Each segment was written either in direct response to a specific question from one of our followers, or to “fill in the blanks” that often leave people feeling less than confident.  While the pages are not filled with technical jargon, this book is written clearly and concisely in a way only a Yorkshire lass would.

The blogs are grouped into sections so that they form Chapters making it very easy to find your way around the content.  A basic index can be found at the front, where you literally look at the picture to pinpoint which part of your dog needs attention.  This way, even if you don’t know exactly what ailment you are looking for, you will still be able to navigate to the information you need – with or without any knowledge of the appropriate medical terminology.

So sit back, breathe out, and be safe in the knowledge that Rhodes 2 Safety has got you covered.

Kerry x


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