Liquid Skin “Super Glue”


Handy first aid essential … quick stick for minor cuts and wounds … the better bandage

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Liquid Skin or “Super Glue” as some people refer to it is a handy addition to your personal or canine first aid kit.  However, all “super glues” are not the same and it is important to purchase either a human or veterinary grade product to do the job.  Why? Super glue was first used during the Vietnam War thanks to it’s ability to stick rapidly.  It was never licenced for first aid use however because:

  • The sticking process creates an exothermic reaction (gives off heat) and can cause tissue damage.
  • The process releases irritants to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs.

Liquid Skin is different.  It is designed specifically for first aid applications, does not give off heat as it sticks and doesn’t emit the irritating chemicals.  So, what is it suitable for?

Wound adhesives are generally only used on minor wounds, no more than 5cm and with straight edges.  Liquid Skin would be just the job for instances such as split ear tips, tail tips, small incisions or sliced pads.  If possible, shave long hair from the wound site before using this product.

However, Liquid Skin should not be used for:

  • wounds on the face
  • wounds where the skin flexes or over joints
  • wounds with uneven or jagged edges
  • deep wounds
  • wounds that are bleeding
  • infected wounds
  • animal bites
  • puncture wounds
  • ulcers
  • dirty wounds


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