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Temperature can be indicative of an animal’s general health.  The average temperature of a dog is 101 degrees F or 38 degrees C.  That said, the “normal” temperature for an adult dog can vary from anywhere between 100 and 102.5 degrees F, or 37.8 and 39.2 degrees C.

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Sometimes you look at your dog and something just doesn’t seem right.  Maybe he’s acting a little oddly, looks sad or doesn’t want to interact with his surrounding in his normal way but you just can quite put your finger on whether there is REALLY something wrong.  One of the things that can help you decide if your dog is actually ill could be as simple as taking his temperature.
There are lots of thermometers on the market but really you just need something quite simple.  So long as its accurate, it doesn’t need to be too high tech.
The ones  we stock are made by Omron, a company known for their thermometers amongst other pharmaceutical products.


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